Outdoor photo of Joe Wagner in front of Taylor Lane vineyard

Taylor Lane Update

I’m often asked what we’re doing with our Taylor Lane vineyard Pinot Noir. Here’s a special update just for you.

Our Pinot Noirs take advantage of the perfect climate to properly ripen the phenolics of Pinot. The abundance of hang time sets the supple bar pretty high for this finicky grape. The Taylor Lane vineyard, located on the Sonoma Coast, has always been an unruly vineyard and is what I cut my teeth on. I learned a lot, and set out to tame this beast. After a long run of great vintages at Taylor Lane (2002-2010), I was left with one option… go retro. I knew this site could produce great Burgundian style Pinot, but that’s not what I like to drink. Then I realized, sometimes you have to make what other people like! So I removed myself from the center of the Belle Glos universe and we brought in a consultant from Burgundy. I can’t say who, as that was a condition of him coming out, but the guy is good. Actually he is great. Beginning with the 2011 vintage, the Taylor Lane vineyard Pinot Noir will be a Burgundian style wine and bottled only in magnums with several years of bottle aging. We taste it regularly and it is shaping up nicely. I am very excited to release this in a few years when its up to par. Stay tuned for our release date!

– Joseph Wagner, Owner & Winemaker

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